Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I May Have a Scrap Problem - Month 2 April

  As I transfer from my sewing room to my studio, I am finding  hidden bags of scraps so my scrap bin is not going down!
   In March I cut scraps into 1.5" & 2.5" strips and chunks and strings were put in a new bin. Then I made Reva aka Scrap Tease blocks. From those blocks I made a lap quilt for my DGGD#2 and sent it to DD#1 for quilting. I lost the picture of it and the Minion top for DGGD#1. I will put a picture of both when quilted and bound.
    This month I want to use scraps to create Woven Star blocks from chunks and strips and more Reva blocks. I hope to create enough Woven Star blocks to make a top and enough Reva blocks to make another top.
Well, Now I have a goal and a plan so it is time to execute! So off I go into the wild blue yonder of my studio to create.
Lator Gators. Have a blessed month of dealing with your scraps.


  1. Good luck on your goal. Those look like fun blocks to make.

  2. sounds like a busy month. good luck on your goals. love using up the scraps

  3. sounds like a busy bee month. Love the pictures of those two little dollies in spirng green.