Sunday, April 3, 2016

Stash Report Sunday April 3, 2016

Fabric In: 22 yards
Fabric In for April: 22 yards
Fabric Out:  0 yards
Fabric Out for April: 0 yards
March Stash Enhancement:  22 yards
Fabric In YTD:  55 2/12 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 38 9/12 yards
YTD Stash Enhancement: 16  5/12 yards.
   We have been at a bowling tournament all week end. There was no internet available so I watched DH bowl 3 games and then I got bored! There was a Hancock's within walking distance with fabric on sale for 75% off. I walked over to get needles and rotary blades but they were cleaned out so I walked around. Spray adhesive and zippers jumped into my basket, a pattern for DGGD#3 joined the group, a mask for DGD#5 came along too, and then the fabric started joining the party. Need I explain further?

Gray and yellow prints
Star War & piggy flannels
3 blues & a orange
Favorite! Yellow & Purple
It is back to sewing w/o finishes!
Oh, wait! DD#1 is bringing the wedding quilt back on Monday so I can bind and label it for Thursday's show and tell. That will be a big finish! Then there is Soccer Beauty which is almost bound. Another decent finish. DD may even finish quilting the Reva Block quilt for Bella. My boredom may not have caused as much damage as I thought!
 But it does mean, I can not buy fabric in Paducah! DGD#2 will have to help me keep to that objective. Note to self: Can only buy tools at Paducah. (Ha Ha!)
Well, it is time to get ready to go bowl again. Lator gators!


  1. Did you hear that all Hancock Fabrics are closing? No wonder you got such good prices!

  2. Well, if you can't not purchase fabric, better to get it on sale than pay full price.

  3. Paducah is an exception to all fabric buying rules.

    What is it with the rotary blades? I had to order them as Joann's is always cleaned out too.

    I really like the orange.