Monday, May 16, 2016

Design Wall Monday, May 16, 2016

   The first thing I have to do this week is get my phone to work with my computer so I can put pictures on my blog. The second thing is to retrieve my camera from where DH stored it. He wants it but doesn't take pictures. Done
Goals for May 16 to May 22
Bryan's Minion
1. Work on DD#1s Minion Quilt. 
2. Machine binding of DD#1s quilts. Hand binding done on 1, starting second, and binding found for one.
3. Block 10 of J&B BOM.
4. Start KS Challenge Project -Background. Done
5. Machine binding of Green Zebra. Cut binding.
Trey's Soccer Beauty
6. Work on UFO Challenge APQ #7-Binding on Soccer Beauty.
7. Complete tying of PJ's Quilt(UFO Challenge APQ#1).
8. Put together Phaff quilting system. Step 1 is done. It is in studio.
Lance's'Wedding Quilt
Gavin's Always Watching
Chris' basketballs



  1. Looks like a very busy week, Charlene.
    PS: Glad you were able to avoid disaster on a TN highway!

  2. What a scary drive home! Wo glad you were not involved. I have gotten to be concerned for frank being on the highways every day. I am looking forward to the day he retires and gets off the road. not soon enough for me!

  3. Lots of beautiful projects in the works. Good luck with this week's goals.