Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Tuesday Morn

Outside my window...soft rain and birds beginning to sing.
I am listening to...birds singing and my jumbled thoughts.
I really enjoy...my big cup of morning coffee. It gives me time to think and reflect on the day before and the day to come. It is my recharge time!
I am super thankful...I have a patient husband b/c I have been snippy often the last 3 days due to pain in several unmentionable regions. Falling off my bike yesterday really took the pain off the bearable chart. The pain saps my strength & makes me mean with no patience.  Guess I need to put my "big girl panties" on and go to the doctor to see what the cause is. I hate doctors even mine who is great and understands me! Nothing good ever comes from doctor visits!
One of my favorite things...sitting at my machine and piecing while listening to the radio.
Zebra quilt
I need...to finish the minion top for Bryan and start the machine binding on the stack that needs binding.
I am looking forward to...working on my guild project "Rippet".
I am wondering...what the unhappy working people are doing. Retirement is a blast.
I am hoping...this summer is full of travel and piecing.
I am planning...to bring my Phaff system into the studio. I know where in the studio I want to set it up. I want to see if I can get back into quilting my own pieces and teach DD#4 how to quilt. If I can, then what is the next step?
I am thinking...about the new BabyLock 16" quilting machine. Do I want it or not? Do I need it or is it just a wish? Am I really going to use it enough to justify the cost? Do I have to justify the cost at my age? Lots of thinking so much so that my little mind is getting confused.
I am trying to remember...what goes where on my Phaff system. I know I need a new bobbin case for the machine. I wonder if the case from my new Phaff would fit and would it fit on the frame!
I wish...my energy level would return to normal.
I am sorry...that I couldn't get to Glenda's on Saturday. I really miss visiting there. Besides I need my Go to cut binding strips.
I am still laughing...at the people at the bowling lanes last night. Some people are never happy so they want other to be unhappy too! The team we bowled were mad because we took them out of the run-off for first.
I am going...clean my studio today. Well, at least pick it up. I am one messy piecer!
Monday I spent the whole day cleaning the house. It takes a while to sweep and then mop this place. It  still smells clean!
      Just thoughts and wonderings .
Time for me to go in the studio and do something quilty! Or at least pick up the mess!
Lator Gators.

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  1. So sorry to hear you fell off your bike. Pain is so hard to deal with. I hope you feel better soon. Don't overdo it with the cleaning - give yourself some time to heal.