Sunday, July 31, 2016

A New Adventure

  This next week will be a very busy week since I need to help get Spirit & Chris ready for school. I also need to get myself ready to sub! School for the students starts on August 11th and starts on August 9th for the staff.  It also marks the beginning of a new adventure!
   I know two things for sure about this adventure:
1) My schedule will change drastically! From 6am to 4pm will be filled with school.
2) My studio time will be reduced drastically and may be non-existent until Saturdays. Working with third graders is exhausting and then I have to tend to DH. He has agreed to this adventure only if it lasts just 6 weeks!
Lator Gators. Have a blessed week!


  1. So you are going to torture yourself again for a while! LOL. Have fun!

  2. School starts early. Good luck!