Monday, August 1, 2016

Design Wall Monday, August 1, 2016

Belinda's Mom's
KS Mystery 2014
Folded Fans
Leader/ender 2016

My design wall has not changed nor will change much in the next 7 weeks!
Goals for August 1st to August 7, 2016
1) Work with Ms. White on her quilt.
2) Acquire and cut fabric for yellow, green, white Wedding quilt for friend. Begin piecing quilt asap. It has to be a quick quilt.  
3) Spend at least 15 minutes sorting and cleaning (still looking for fabric, ruler, and pattern); and 90 minutes piecing in studio for a total of 105 minutes /1hr 45 minutes for week. This will be schedule until subbing is over!
4) Get ready for start of school and subbing.
5) Work on other projects( 3,4,5, & 7 below) as leaders/enders.
Update on Goals for July 25th to July 31, 2016
1) Call Ms. White to work on her t-shirt quilt.
2) Put borders on Belinda's Mom's Quilt top.

3) Put KS 2014 Mystery on Design Wall and start bringing it forward as second leader/ender project.
Monday-Put on wall and made project box for cut pieces to finish. Started piecing more blocks.
Wednesday - Completed 2 blocks
Thursday - Began 2 more blocks
Friday - 1 block almost done

4) Cut triangles for BH 2016 Leader/Ender Challenge.
Monday - sewed triangles together
Wednesday - sewed halves together
Friday - sewed halves together and ironed 8 blocks
 5) Complete block 12 of J&B BOM.
Monday -Still looking for extra fabric to fix error
Wednesday - Found fabric! Yah!
6) Spend at least 30 minutes sorting; 15 minutes cleaning (still looking for fabric, ruler, and pattern); and 45 minutes piecing a day for a total of 90 minutes /1hr 30 minutes a day. Victory!
Monday - 120 minutes piecing, & cutting.
Tuesday - 15 minutes cleaning up after Sierra Wednesday - 120 minutes piecing
Thursday - 30 minutes piecing - rest of day looking for dryer
Friday - 60 minutes piecing - rest of day trying to get dryer working
Saturday - 60 minutes making dog beds w/covers
Sunday - 15 minutes working on piecing
7) Make at least 2 dark, 6 medium, & 3 light strata for Folded Fans for 2 dark diamonds, 6 medium diamonds, and 3 light diamonds. The difference between light dark; dark medium; light medium; and dark light is still giving me fits. 
Monday - Sorted strings by color
8)  Kit KS 2016 Mystery Quilt pieces. Done - ready for cutting
Saturday - put fabrics and  pattern in project box.
*9) Make 3 pillowcases and/or 3 pet beds. Done b/c cover count as bed.
Saturday - Made 2 pet beds with covers. DH wants the beds to be somewhat washable.

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  1. You've got some very pretty and fun quilts up on your design wall. Good luck with all your sewing plans!