Monday, July 18, 2016

Design Wall, Monday, July 18, 2016

Folded Fans
Belinda's Mom's Quilt
Goals for July 18th to July  24th.
1)Work on at least one row of Belinda's Mom's Quilt top.
2)  Complete block 12 of J&B BOM.
3) Make at least 2 dark, 6 medium, & 3 light strata for Folded Fans for 2 dark diamonds, 6 medium diamonds, and 3 light diamonds. I am still having troubles with different between dark & dark medium and dark light & light medium.
4) Make 3 pillowcases and/or 3 pet beds.
5) Spend at least 30 minutes a day in studio either sorting, cleaning, or piecing.
6) Call Ms. White to work on her t-shirt quilt.
7) Work on another WIP if #'s 1 thru 4 are done.
Update on Goals for July 11th to July 17th.
1) Spend at least 15 minutes a day in studio either sorting, cleaning, or piecing. Guess which one I prefer!- 6 out of 7 days
Monday - I spent 120 minutes sorting, cleaning (about 10 minutes), and piecing.
Tuesday - No time was spent in the studio! Shame on me.
Wednesday- I spent 120 minutes making strata and step 1&2 of block 11.
Thursday- I spent 120 minutes making strata and steps 3-7 on block 11.
Friday - I spent another 60 minutes making strata and finishing block 11. I cut the light strata that was my leader/ender incorrectly so now I have 2 medium and 1 light for that quilt.
Saturday - I spent 20 minutes cleaning so Sierra would have a safe environment.

2) Clean studio while trying to find Dottie's ruler and Jessie's Calendar pattern. Still looking!
3) Work on Belinda's Mom's Quilt top. Did not accomplish this goal.
4) Complete block 11 of J&BOM and Kit block 12.
Monday - I completed steps 1-2.
Thursday - I completed steps 3-7.
Friday - I completed block 11 and picked up block 12.
5) Make at least 1 dark, 2 medium, & 1 light strata for Folded Fans.
Monday - 2 light strata were made.
Wednesday -made 2 medium and 2 dark strata. Cut several diamonds. Goal completed for week!
Thursday - made 2 medium and 1 dark starta. Cut medium going right instead of left so had to remake. Dark strata is waiting to be cut.
Friday - Cut dark strata and made light strata. Then I cut light going left instead of right.
6) Make project box for DGS#1's Wedding Quilt by collecting blues. I am still thinking either fans or spikes with more solids and blends than print fabrics. Done.
7) Make project box for DGD#2's wedding quilt by collecting oranges, purples, and Halloween fabrics.  Done
8) Work on another WIP if #'s 2, 3, & 4 are done.
Thursday -Made binding for Green Zebra.
Saturday - Prepared project box for Son-In-Law's duffle bag.


  1. Those two quilts you're working on are both gorgeous, yet so different! Good luck catching up on all of your goals.

  2. I can't believe river city cancelled the class that made that quilt. I am so fed up with them. I just found out they cancelled the August retreat too! I am so aggravated that they give all the money to charity and keep so little for the members........just sayin'