Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Warm Thursday Morning

Outside my, hot, hot!
I am listening to...Spirit jumping/dancing in her room.
I really enjoy... reading blogs. Writing my blog and getting comments is also very enjoyable.
One of my favorite things...sitting outside and discussing the world with DH.
One of my least favorite things... cleaning the cat pail and now I have two to clean. Ugh!
I am DGD#1&#2. It has been at least a month since I talked to either one. Both have jobs and family to take care of in other parts of the universe. I accept this but miss them anyway!
I need...a cage to put Lilly in at night. Maybe that will help her learn to potty outside.
I am trying to remember...where Dottie's ruler is and where Jessie's pattern has disappeared to
I am looking forward...subbing for a friend's daughter in her 3rd grade class. Third graders are so much fun! Only problem I see is bath room breaks.
I am planning...on a day trip to visit more Louisiana Quilt Shops. This time on the East side of the Mississippi. DH wants to go to Biloxi before school starts so I can cover a few then.
I am wondering...what August and September will bring. I know there will be more walking than now. DD#4 ordered me a cheap version of the Fitbit so I can keep track. My phone does it but I don't carry it around with me which makes DH batty.
I am thinking... babysitting Sierra(Alexis' cat) and Dusty(Tanya's dog) isn't all that bad. Sierra has taken over the studio and Dusty has taken over Lilly's chair outside.
I am sorry...about all the violence in this world. I think that the media makes it world wide instead of local.
I am wondering... when the silent majority will speak up. I think from the news that it is beginning to happen.
I am super thankful...for life as it is!
Should I...start a new project? OH, I already have started 4. (1)Bonnie Hunter's Leader/Ender Quarter Square Triangles and (2)Christmas Star based on quilt along but not quite the same.  I have taken out the (3)KS Mystery from 2012 to complete and have started cutting the (4)2016 KS mystery as a graduation quilt for DGD#4.
Just ramblings and wonderings
Please leave a comment or two. I do enjoy hearing from visitors! Lator....

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