Monday, July 4, 2016

Design Wall Monday, July 4, 2016

Goals for July 4th to July 10th:
This week will be getting ready for Krotz Springs Quilt Guild Show.
Quilted and bound
1) Make and place label on Wedding Quilt. Ready for hanging on Friday. Done
2) Put finishing touches on Challenge so it will be ready to turn in on Friday. Pictures of finished project on Sunday.
Where I got Challenge from!

3) Participate in KSQG's Get-Ready-for-Show meeting on Friday. A noodle salad needs to be made on Thursday!
4) Participate in KSQG's Quilt Show on Saturday.
5) Make J&B block 11 and pick up Block 12. Block 11 cut ready to sew.
8 of these are mine
6) Make medium strata for Folded Fans. If you need 50 darks & 50 lights, 100 mediums are needed. So I will make a few mediums and then make lights and/or darks to go with them. It will be my leader/ender project for the rest of the summer. This might end up being a wedding quilt since it is an unusual 3D design.
7) Begin thinking about design for DGS#1's Wedding Quilt. Black with shades of blue - I am thinking either fans or spikes.
 Update: Goals for June 20th to July 3, 2016:
Goals for June 20th to June 28th:
1) See 4 states. Done We traveled thru and stopped in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
2) Take pictures with new camera. Done Now I have to figure out how to get them to computer.
3) Buy fabric that appeals to me. Done I bought lots of fabric. Something from each shop we visited
4) Stay sane. Done Sometimes I thought I would lose it so I would pet my fabric.
5) See DSD#1 and DGS#5 and DGS#1. Done Only problem was we could not get them all together at one time.
6) Get home safely. Done We drove over 2000 miles with me doing most of the driving w/o incident.
Goals for June 28th to July 3rd.
1) Clean and Declutter living room. Started but not finished. Is it ever finished?.
2) Take Folded Fan class with Dorinda Evans. Done. The class was interesting and I learned a lot.
3) Take trip to gather fans and license plates with Pam, Dottie, and Charlotte. Done. It has been a long time since I was with Dottie and Pam. It was a information overload - 3 people talking at one time but loads of fun. Charlotte was brave to get into the truck with 3 women she barely knew!
4) Clean and Declutter kitchen. Started but not finished. Another never ending project.
5) Organize loot from both trips and show pictures in blog on Sunday's Stash Report. Done
Well, I am off to work on Challenge and Label. Happy 4th of July. Please remember those who worked to keep our freedom and give freedom to others. Freedom is never Free!
Lator Gators!

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  1. You had a great June! Good luck with your July goals.