Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thoughts on a Hot Thursday Morn

Outside my window...birds singing or doing what some people call singing. I sing better and that isn't good!
I am listening whirling around and my own thoughts.
I really enjoy...having grandchildren visit. I also enjoy the time when they go home.
I am super thankful...that I got to spend the day with Pam, Dottie, and my quilting idol, Charlotte Angotti. I hope I will get to visit with them together & separately again.
One of my favorite puttering around my sewing room.
One of my least favorite working in a messy studio but I dislike spending time cleaning when I could be piecing. Catch 22!
I move more projects forward. My MOJO needs to wake up and get creative and sew. On that note the KS challenge and the label are done. Next is J&B block 11 which is kitted and ready to sew.
I am looking forward...getting past the projects I have now. DGD#2 sent pictures of the fabric she wants to include in her wedding quilt. I will need to think outside my box to include them but really think I will use them for inspiration.
I am wondering...what tomorrow and Saturday will bring at the Krotz Springs Quilt Show.
I am fellow guild members will enjoy my challenge project.
I am planning...on making a contemporary/modern quilt for DGS#1's wedding quilt (wheels of blues on black) and DGD#2's wedding quilt (Irish chain variation in purple & orange)
I am thinking...I need to go see Glen and Frank for inspiration! With Glen being a modern & art quilter, she will be able to help me with ideas for those 2 wedding quilts. Frank has the driest wit available with lots of insight.
I am trying to remember...where I put Dottie's ruler.
I am sorry...I didn't get to listen to more of Charlotte's stories since I was driving.
I am missing...time sitting outside with my DH talking about the world. It has been too hot even in the shade to be outside. Not only is it hot but there is no breeze to cool things down.
I am still stories told in the truck on last Friday.
I am going...hang the Wedding Quilt at the KS Quilt Show and start one of the Glamping patterns.
I am wondering...why 114 people can view a blog but only 1 makes a comment. I love the input and comments from others. Those comments help me know I am going in the right directions or not.

  Just thoughts and wonderings


  1. LOL.....I often wonder the same thing.

    Now i need to go look up what Glamping is.

  2. thought i would give you TWO comments to read today. I looked up Glamping. I like it. Too many pieces for me, but would be a great stash buster!

  3. Though I may not always comment, I do look forward to your weekly wonderings. And I appreciate your comments, too.

  4. It isn't always easy for me to make comments from my cell and I'm never really sure if comments are appreciated. I enjoy your weekly wonderings. I enjoy the snapshot into your authentic self. I can often relate, so your blogs seem more like a visit with a friend. I look forward to seeing how you develop the wedding quilts.

    1. Oh, I love comment always have. I write the blog as if I were writing a letter to a friend or DGD#2. Hopefully the wedding quilts will be creative. I am definitely not a modern piecer but will have to be for these two quilts.

      Thanks for commenting.