Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stash Report Sunday June 10, 2016

Fabric In This Week: 1.75 yards (KS door prize of 7 fat quarters)
Fabric In for JULY: 4.75 yards
Fabric Out This Week: .5 yards (KS Challenge piece)
Fabric Out for JULY: .5 yards
JULY Stash Movement: 4.25 yards
Fabric In YTD:  93 11/12 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 74.5 yards

YTD Stash Enhancement: 19 5/12 yards
  Even when I try not to enhance my stash, fabric appears. I won 7 fat quarters and a pattern to go with in from Mes Ami (New Orleans) at KS meeting. I really need to get to sewing!
  I did not win anything for my challenge. All I can say is it is like Glen's challenge pieces - in time they will appreciate my creative style.
  I did however win another door prize. Lots of creative tools to use later. If my studio doesn't swallow them like it did to Dottie's bias ruler and the calendar pattern.
Also "The Wedding Quilt" was one of the hits of the show. People flocked to it - commenting on the color and the quilting.It was unfolded and oohed over several times. That made me proud for myself and DD#1.
  I have watched Barbara from Cat Patches for the last 6 months make the cutest campers with the Rainbow Challenge colors. Her campers are fantastic so I decided I wanted to do that too.
  Finding the pattern was not easy because I thought it was pattern in a book not just a pattern. Google sent me a gift certificate so I researched and found the pattern. It finally arrived and I have been having fun. Then Quilt Camp, designed by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass fabrics came out. Now I have a piecing option for my campers too. I see a camping quilt in my far off future!
  Well that all there is for today. Kindly let me know what you think about what you see.
Lator Gators. Stay safe and be kind to non-quilters!


  1. Congratulations on many accounts. The campers are fun to play with. I've been playing with mine, but haven't managed to get the quilt complete yet. And winning prizes is fun! It will give you a chance to try things out you might not have bought. Congratulations on the oohing and aahing too. It was well deserved. Have a blessed week!

  2. I love your wedding quilt! It will be a cherished family heirloom. Congratulations on winning fabric! Yay! I've been thinking about making the campers pattern too. It will be neat to see how yours comes out.

    1. Hopefully, my grandson cherishes it. The campers are on my bucket list.

  3. Those campers sure look like fun. Reminds me of Lucy and Desi in The Long, Long Trailer. I still quote my favorite line, "Turn right here -- LEFT!"

  4. Sounds like you had a lucky day. It's always fun to have people appreciate a finished project.

  5. Congratulations on the wonderful reception of the wedding quilt at the show! It feels good, doesn't it. Well deserved, for sure. Looks like you really cleaned up, fat quarter wins, utensil wins. You go girlfriend!

  6. Sounds like you had a very good week.

  7. Your winning fabric is a good thing, as Martha S would say. I love that little camper pattern too. If I didn't have so many UFOs already, it would be on my list.