Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings

Outside my window...clouds and hot breezes. Lucy is standing on window sill looking in to see what I am up to.
I am listening to...Spirit's music coming from her room and the fan blowing cool air on my feet.
I really enjoy... reading blogs. Most are so inspirational and give so many tips to prevent piecing errors.
One of my favorite things...fresh home grown cucumber and tomato salad. Yum!
One of my least favorite things... cleaning. Today is the day we sweep and mop the house. Ugh!  
I am #6 template. I know I have it somewhere b/c DD#1 gave it to me but where is a mystery. I guess it is hiding with the ruler and pattern!
I need...a maid. Those dogs of mine just make a mess. You would think a horde of people live here instead of 2 old people, 2 yorkies, and a tortie with a visiting preteen.
I am trying to remember...the difference between darks and mediums and lights and mediums. Not to mention the difference between light darks, medium darks, and dark darks or light lights, medium lights, or dark lights. Color is so confusing!
I am looking forward...subbing for a friend's daughter in her 3rd grade class. Third graders are so much fun! Only problem I see is bath room breaks.
I am planning...on another trip when the weather cools down a bit. I have a feeling that I will need to get way before November after subbing for 6 weeks.
I am wondering...why people think violence will bring about peace. All it brings is more violence and more ill feelings. Time for the silent majority to stand up and say ENOUGH!
I am sorry...there is so much strife in the cities of our country. If this continues, we will end up with military rule. Cooler heads need to speak up!
I am thinking...I am really lucky to live where I live. People in this community are so mixed that color is not a problem. We all look after each other. We can fuss but no one else had better touch our people b/c then they face a non-violence but strong group rather than one.
I am wondering...when things will get back to a proper perspective. The old motto - "United we stand - Divided we fall!"- seems to have been forgotten by so many bent on violence. I learned a long time ago - there are 4 sides to every situation - yours, theirs, spectators, and actual events. We each see a side depending on our viewing point.
I am super thankful...for my DH. Each day he shows me how much he loves and understands me even though we are racially, culturally, and generationally different.
Should I...take a class in Houston this year? In the catalog, I saw several including Charlotte's that were really interesting!
Just ramblings and wonderings
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