Monday, August 15, 2016

Design Wall Monday, August 15, 2016

Pictures at end of post.
Getting up at 5am and getting mentally ready to deal with an overload of information and then dealing with students until 4pm took all my energy this week! I hadn't realized how totally exhausting it would be both mentally and physically. Then getting home to a filthy house just defeated me. Hopefully, this week will be better but with all this rain, I don't know!
Then the flooding started! Water everywhere! We are lucky since we are dry. The towns around us are not so lucky! The rain has stopped so now the water is moving to the bayous and rivers and finally to the Gulf. That rising water is a big problem. Most rivers around here are between 3 and 9 feet above flood level.
Goals for August 15th to August 21st.
Handle life as it comes. No goals and no plans for this week other than surviving subbing, the water, and helping my neighbors who haven't been as lucky as we have.
On Saturday I will try to sew!
Update on Goals for August 8th to August 14, 2016
1) Spend a weekly total of 105 minutes /1hr 45 minutes sorting, cleaning and piecing (still looking for fabric, ruler, and pattern). This will be schedule until subbing is over!
Monday - No
Tuesday - No
Wednesday -NO
Thursday - NO
Friday - NOPE
Saturday - 140 minutes
2) Continue cutting and piecing fabric for Wedding quilt (KS Mystery 14). Goal is 5 to 7 blocks for week.(Decreased Goal to 2 to 4)
Saturday - 3 blocks made incorrectly or is it 2.
 3) Work on projects from last month as leaders/enders.(BH Hourglass Units; J&B Block 12; Folded Fans; KS Mystery 2014)
Saturday -1 star completed
Wedding Churn Dash
KS Mystery 14

Can you see the mistake on 3 of these?

Lator Gators! I have to prepare for class, clean house, and wash clothes.


  1. Let me know if I can provide anything quilty-wise for your neighbors. I have lots of finished tops and can provide backs and batting -- just not the quilting.

  2. Teaching has to be absolutely exhausting! Hope the flooding is going down quickly.