Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Update for week - Very Blessed

God has blessed DH and I along with our children in this flood. DGD#1 and DD#1 are the only ones that had water. Many of my friends and extended family were not so blessed.
   Events like this put things in perspective. Color doesn't matter neither does economic standing...all that matters is helping someone else and yourself survive. WE might fight among ourselves but let something threaten our community, we band together as one to help our fellow Louisianans . This has been proven time and time again during this event!

Goals for August 15th to August 21st.
Handle life as it comes. No goals and no plans for this week other than surviving subbing, the water, and helping my neighbors who haven't been as blessed.
1) Time in studio.
Monday - 120 minutes
Tuesday - 120 minutes
 Schools here have been closed until Thursday so no subbing.
 As long as it doesn't rain too much more, we are safe here except for back waters in some places so very little water to contend with.
 My neighbors are all secure waiting for FEMA and insurance to continue repairing their homes. This community is good but one of the few in South Louisiana that is!
 To the east, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and Maurepas all are still flooding due to back waters as are towns to our west. Glenda, my dear friend/sister from other parents, has lost almost every thing so I will travel there to help as best I can if only to hug when the tears overcome her and take fabric to wash and try to save. BR is on a use-lightly ban on water and sewage so washing fabric is not a priority.  

To rip or not to rip
  So I sew rather than sit and worry! As I sew, I say prayers for all the people who still have water in their homes or are dealing with the flood's devastating results especially Glenda. Getting to Glenda right now is a huge task as there is deep water between here and there so until Saturday all I can do is pray!
2) Continue cutting and piecing fabric for Wedding quilt. I have to decide if I want to rip the 3 blocks I did incorrectly or adjust pattern. 
3) Make stars for KS 2014 Mystery.
Monday - finished star
Tuesday - finished second star and picked colors for third

4)  Make at least 2 dark, 6 medium, & 3 light strata for Folded Fans for 2 dark diamonds, 6 medium diamonds, and 3 light diamonds. The difference between light dark; dark medium; light medium; and dark light is still giving me fits.
Monday - made 2 medium strata
Tuesday - made 1 dark and started 1 light strata
5) Put borders on Belinda's Mom's Quilt top.

6) Cut triangles for BH 2016 Leader/Ender Challenge.
7) Complete block 12 of J&B BOM.
Lator Gators! Too many lemons floating around in flood waters to make lemonade so just find your Sugar and hang on tight. Laugh when you can and cry when you must. This too will become a memory so find some good to remember.


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  1. You are a good friend to help Glenda out with washing fabric and quilts.