Monday, August 8, 2016

Design Wall Monday, August 8, 2016

Goals for August 8th to August 14, 2016
1) Spend a weekly total of 105 minutes /1hr 45 minutes sorting, cleaning and piecing (still looking for fabric, ruler, and pattern). This will be schedule until subbing is over!
2) Continue cutting and piecing fabric for Wedding quilt. Goal is 5 to 7 blocks for week.
 3) Work on projects from last month as leaders/enders.
w/o sashing
Update on Goals for August 1st to August 7, 2016
1) Work with Ms. White on her quilt.
Monday - called but no answer.
2) Acquire and cut fabric for yellow, green, white Wedding quilt for friend. Begin piecing quilt asap. It has to be a quick quilt.  

Monday - looked for yellows and greens and whites.
Tuesday - found colors I like together. Pattern will be Churn Dash. Center =embroidered sunflowers on pale yellow background, bars = green with gold spirals mimicking the shape of sunflowers, and a fall print of leaves and acorns mimicking colors of sunflowers. I will alternate outside colors.
Thursday - Cut 2 full blocks. Made one with green on inside and started second with green on outside.
Friday - Made second block. Decided block looked better with green next to sunflower. Cut 4 more blocks. Found out that 1 10" green block makes parts for 1 Churn Dash.
Saturday - Sewed parts.
Sunday - Ironed parts and pinned blocks together.
3) Spend at least 15 minutes sorting and cleaning (still looking for fabric, ruler, and pattern); and 90 minutes piecing in studio for a total of 105 minutes /1hr 45 minutes for week. This will be schedule until subbing is over!
Monday - 60 minute
Tuesday - 120 minutes
Wednesday - 15 minutes  
Thursday - 120 minutes
Friday - 90 minutes
Saturday - 15 minutes
Sunday - 60 minutes
4) Get ready for start of school and subbing.
Monday - read days 1-5
Tuesday - called Principal Scott P. He got me access to lady I needed to see and couldn't get to. He is trying to get me working on Monday, August 8th.  
Wednesday -  Louisiana has strange rules for their retired teachers! Spent all day going from one place to another getting ready for subbing. Drug tested and given permission to sub by state and getting schedule and buying a couple of more pieces of clothing. Principal Scott P. has me starting on Monday with the teacher and I get paid.
Friday - Picked up index cards, folders, pens, and erasers for the teacher. Went school supply shopping for Spirit. Dang things are high!
Saturday - read thru Day 1 and Day 2 of manual.
5) Work on other projects( 3,4,5, & 7) from last month as leaders/enders.
Monday -  Worked on KS Mystery 2014 (#3).
Tuesday - Completed 1 star (#3) and designed and made new purse. It is too soft. I need to redo purse to include interfacing.+
Thursday - Pulled and cut pieces for new purse.
Friday -  Added firm interface to lining of new purse. Completed 1 star.
Sunday - Worked on firm purse.
soft front
soft back

firm front

firm back

KS Mystery

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