Friday, August 12, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Friday Morning early

Outside my window... Darkness - it is way too early to be up and moving. 
I am listening to...true silence which I won't hear again until tomorrow morning at this time.

One of my favorite things...hugging on DGD#2 and DGGDs#1&#2. They are back in Louisiana so I will get to see them more hopefully!
One of my least favorite things...walking into a dirty house after a hard days work.
I am missing...spending time in my studio piecing while listening to music. For the next 6 weeks that will be a luxury!
I am planning...lessons. It has been a long time since I had to pull together resources for lessons.
I am trying to to act professional and how to sound professional not to mention looking professional.
I need... get myself more organized so I don't fail these students.
I am wondering...what today will bring. I get to meet the students today.
I am thinking...I may have made a mistake agreeing to do this.
I am super thankful...the teacher I am subbing for is there for me. This is a blessing and a curse.
Should I...plan lessons or go in my studio?
Just ramblings and wonderings
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  1. How are you guys doing with the rain? We are fine, so far. Crossing fingers and toes!