Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings August

Outside my window... Mourning Doves the size of large pigeons singing away. 
I am listening to...the sounds of early morning when no one but Lilly, Me-new, and I are up.
One of my favorite things...early morning quiet time with my cat and coffee.
One of my least favorite calls on my phone or DH's after 11 pm just to talk b/c they can't sleep. Well, I go to bed at 9 pm and am asleep by 10. DH comes to bed between 11 and 1. Call in the morning unless someone is in dire need! (Rant over)
I am grandson #9. He is at his nanny's and I haven't seen his face but twice this summer. I need some grandson - mama time.
I am planning...on spending the rest of this week piecing and buying shoes. I need a good pair of walking sandals.
I am trying to to act professional and how to sound professional not to mention looking professional.
I need... to find out when I officially start subbing. Principal Scott is working on having me start on Monday with pay! I have already learned that when this man wants something done, it get done quickly.
I am wondering...if the teachers at Cankton know how great a principal they have. As a regular teacher, I have worked under 7 principals and only 1 went the extra mile for his teachers. Since I started subbing, both principals have gone out of their way for those working with them. Sandra G was fantastic and I think Principal Scott P. will be as great to work with. Just first impressions!  
I am thinking...No wonder Louisiana is last in the nation when it discourages experienced teachers from working with students for pay.
I am super thankful...In 2014, I could only make 25% of my retirement after that I had to give up my retirement. The new law is now 50% of retirement pay. I was grandfathered or is that GRANDMOTHERED in.
Should I...make hay or get busy?
Just ramblings and wonderings
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  1. I wish we would pay teachers based on the results they create. I think the good teachers would make enough money to keep them in education and not having to change careers to support their families. The bad teachers need to leave anyway. That is the way it works in the business world.

    I have seen good teachers, and I have seen bad ones. Unfortunately, they are all paid the same!

    1. I disagree with teacher pay based on results. In the business world, you have complete or almost complete control of the quality of the materials you use, you have ample material, and you are reimbursed for expenses. Teachers have to teach children who are hungry, tired, angry, and emotionally torn. They spend hours and dollars to provide for the students with no compensation. If we pay teachers based on results, there will be no teachers for the inner city schools. Education of our children is a village activity and it is time we start making the whole village responsible for student learning. Unless you walk a month in a teacher's shoes you won't understand. Yes, there are good teachers and there are bad ones as in all professions. The bad ones usually get out b/c the good ones are dedicated and have tough skins to accept the blame that is not all theirs! Just an old teacher's view point!

  2. Teachers never get their due! I am so grateful that my boys had great teachers -- some of the same ones I had -- that made an impression on them.