Monday, September 19, 2016

Design Wall Monday, September 18. 2016

       I spent Saturday piecing at my temporary sewing area surrounded by essentials from the studio and bins of Glenda's fabric. It felt so great! It is the simple things that make me happy. DH says give me a sewing machine and space to set up a cutting and ironing station and I am happy. He is right as usual.
   Two projects, well, actually four, poked their heads out to be worked on. 
Option 1
   1) The autumn churn dash quilt - I pieced the last available green sparkle square. Now I have to decide how to make the quilt usable. 
Option 2
          Option 1: Put the olive sashing and use borders of the autumn print and olive to make it a bit bigger.
           Option 2: Put the olive sashing and alternate squares of autumn print and churn dash blocks.
    2) Belinda's mom's quilt - I will add 4.5" borders and bring it to her. If she wants it, I am done! If she doesn't, I will get some matching blue fabric and change the borders. Then bring it to DD#1 to quilt for me. Either way it is going to get to the flimsy stage this week. 
    3)  BH Quarter Square Triangle Leader and Ender Project - I have a few made according to BH's directions but I really don't like cutting out triangles. Missouri Star Quilt Company has a tutorial on how to make quarter square triangles out of 4 patches which I am going to try. 
    4)  Missouri Star Quilt Company's Flying Home Blocks - I need another Wedding Quilt that is cute but simple. It has to be in shades of blue with black accents. At first, I thought I would make a wedge quilt, but that much black is overwhelming and picks up anything and everything. The Flying Home quilt with black geese and blue backgrounds appeals to me much more. I have a few blue strips so I am going to try a few blocks.  
This quilt in blues, navy and black.
   DD#4 and I are waiting to hear if we have been accepted to have a booth at the Craft Show in Opelousas in Novembe. Hopefully, we will be. So some of those projects may show their heads too if news comes this week.
Lator Gators! It feels so good to be able to leisurely piece again. My sugar is still helping me make Lemonade from Life's Lemons.

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