Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Saturday Morning

Outside my window... dry weather for a change. The weatherman says it might rain this afternoon. I certainly hope he is wrong since it is Bella's b-day celebration! 
I am listening own thoughts with music and Spirit giggling in the background.
One of my favorite things...spending couple time with DH.  Last night we went listen to some very good zydeco.
One of my least favorite things...dealing with people especially those who think the world owes them something as do their parents who brought them into this harsh world. 
I am missing... time in my studio piecing while listening to music. My make shift area is just not the same! But at least it has music and sewing machine.
I am planning...on a trip to BR since two quilt shops are closing in that area. We are also planning a trip to Houston for the big quilt show.
I am trying to remember...what sold at the last craft meet and what didn't. DD#4 and I may have a booth for November at the local hospital craft show.
I get myself more organized so I have a variety of things to sell. 
I am wondering...what adventures today will bring. 
I am thinking... bowl cozies and boxy purses in three sizes sold well last time. I think know baby bonnets and large receiving blankets will sell well.
I am super thankful...that only my studio was affected by the rain and not my house.
Should on craft stuff or piece?
Just ramblings and wonderings
Please leave a comment or two. I do enjoy hearing from visitors! 

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  1. Sorry your studio was affected by the rain. We had needed rain here then got a week of it which had roads and towns flooding. Sort of one of those be careful what you wish for times! We have sun today though. I too was thinking of doing some shows but decided not to as I am behind with birthday and Christmas sewing as it is! Good luck with what you choose to do! Lola