Monday, January 9, 2017

Bonnie Hunter Quarter Square Leader/Ender project

It is growing!
Planned double rounds - purple, orange, green, teal, blue, red, with single rounds of neutrals, and ending with black/white/color specks.
Center - purple...easy peasy.
Single neutral round ... still great.
Double orange round...still good.
Single neutral round...mmmmmm.
Double green round...54 oh, this is getting harder but done.
Single Neutral round - 60 squares and counting. It has gotten a life of its own and doesn't want to be a leader/ender project any more!
Then I made the biggest mistake - I did the math! Had I known that there were that many quarter square triangles, I would never had started. But start I did, so I am committed to finishing. i am currently working on neutral quarter square triangles, starting cutting teal pieces, and have some red ready. All the planned rows may not get done by July, but what is will be put together as a top.
  How does Bonnie Hunter do this kind of stuff as leader and enders along with the rest of what she accomplishes? 
Thinking this elephant is going to take on a whole lot more chewing before July!
Lator Gators!

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