Thursday, January 12, 2017

Update on January Goals

Anyone who knows me knows how bad my Quilter'S ADDS is. 
  Tuesday Cheryl and I had a sewing day. She decided to handstitch hexies while I worked on my projects. I worked on the sunflower quilt. The center is for the borders thin 1" olive border and then 4" rust border is what I plan. I called Glenda and asked if I could raid the stored stash for those colors. She gave me permission since she doesn't remember what was saved!
  Wednesday I thought I had an appointment at the imaging center at 10:15am...Nope~ I missed it. So I went to J&B hoping for coffee...Got it! Belinda and I started talking about projects and one thing lead to another and another. I went home with 2 panels to make into pot holders etc.
  Today (Thursday) I am fighting real squirrels! They moved into the attic during the 23 degree weather which was not a problem until they messed with the internet cables. Then last night at 2am they decided to play right over my head. I have declared war! Don't tell the game wardens because I don't plan on trapping them.
  I am looking forward to the KS Guild meeting today...I haven't been since November.
Lookin good
Something Old - Binding Tool Blue Star (JL UFO #3) - & Sunflower borders
Something New - Binding Tool Mardi Gras table runner - I may have to make a couple b/c Cheryl fell in love.
Handwork - binding on Green Zebra and Red/Black Wanda (APQ UFO #6) no change
FMQ - Binding Tool Red Pepper table runner - Next up is waxing the machine table with turtle wax. This has been and will continue to be an adventure!
Other - BH'S leader/Ender neutral quarter square triangles are kitted ready to sew.
Well it is time to post this while the internet is working.
Lator! I am off to chase squirrels - real and those caused by Quilter'S ADDH.

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  1. Goodness you have been busy! Squirrels can do a lot of damage to a house. I hope you can get rid of them and then figure out how they got in so that can be fixed. I had a house with bats now and then. To get rid of them I needed a new roof! I remodeled the kitchen and made the attic into a bedroom (it was a one story bungalow with a walk up attic) so the roof was part of the project. No more bats!