Monday, January 30, 2017

SQUIRRELS and January Goals Update

Squirrel #1!  After I finished putting the binding on the red/black quilt, the mess of scraps under the cutting table caught my eye. So I decided to sort a couple of bags into strips, chunks, pieces, and dog bed pieces . Well, someone had cut a multitude of triangles in a strip material. 
  Needless to say, after I finished the sort, I started making neutral string blocks with the triangles and a black strip. Someone's trash is fast becoming a quilt top. Monday is plenty enough time to work on my January projects since they have all advanced except the FMQ.(Still scares me!)
Squirrel #2: I cornered my neighbor to come start the replacement of the studio ceiling. The plan is to pull it all down and replace it with wood then paint it with Kilt. Then finally paint it a glossy white or off white. (Weather got him hurting so it may not happen until next week!)
  The good news was that the walls will not have to be replaced ... only the batting on the walls and the squirrel hole.  So you know I had to pull a wall of the batting down.  That makes me feel so much better!   DGS#9 came Saturday morning and helped me clean studio and pull down 4 walls of batting. All we have left is the wall behind DD#4's area. We filled a big trash container with stuff from the room.
  Next week I will work on packing the fabric up. 

Progress on January Goals:
Something Old - Binding Tool Blue - I am working on two more blocks (another side)  
Sunflower Quilt - I need to either piece a backing for it or find a piece in the stash big enough. Looking through stash as I pack it.
Something New - Binding Tool Mardi Gras #2 - One done and since Cheryl liked the first one so much, I am planning to make another one with the leftovers. 
Potholders - I still have several to make and am working oh so slowly. Too many projects.
Handwork - Binding - Red/Black quilt binding is done.
  I found the binding for Green Zebra and have sewn it on so handwork has started!
FMQ- Everything is ready but me. I am paralyzed with fear. I now have 2 to quilt. 
Other - Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender project - I am still plugging away at neutral pieces. I soon will be switching to the next color which will be or blue.

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  1. Wow, So much going on! Redoing a studio can't be fun-I know firsthand that setting one up from scratch isn't!
    Someone, I think it might have been you said to keep taking bites of the elephant and you'd get it done! Take a deep breath and FMQ! Blessed Be.