Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts and Wonderings 2017

Outside my window...birds singing and unseasonably warm weather with fog.
I am listening to...the iRobot doing its thing.
One of my favorite things...the last few stitches of hand binding.
One of my least favorite things...DISHES. I think that is why I don't like cooking because it includes preparation, serving, picking up afterwards, and doing the dishes. Doing the dishes just breaks the camel's back! Oh! and deciding what to cook!
I am missing...visiting with my brother and sister
I am planning...on working on getting my studio back. Our neighbor still hasnt come to pull down the ceiling so i continue to clean and clear. It is the elephant lurking in the background.
I am trying to remember...I forgot! That has been happening a lot lately. 
I arrange for blood work and more doctor visits.
I am wondering...what comes next! 
I am thinking...that it is time to visit Glenda to lend a hand with the unpacking of the trailer. Have air mattress will travel!
I am super have a great husband who indulges my every whim!
One more blocks made
I am sewing on...too many projects. February's UFOS are #9 PJ's Sneaker Quilt and #8 2014 Mystery Stars BOM. I need to make more potholders and work on FMQ skills.
I am deciding...on how I will construct the next wedding quilt. It needs to be Halloween theme. I have the panel I want to use so I just need to get a plan! Hard to do with the current sewing area.
Should I... prepare income taxes, pay health insurance, clean the house and/or studio. I think I will go sew or continue reading blogs! TOO Many Decisions! Too Much to Do!
Just ramblings and wonderings

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  1. Your Should I -- is just like mine is today! Thankfully after 3 days I'm at the end of the tax prep. My goal for 2017 is to enter that on the spreadsheet every month instead of right before time for getting taxes done.
    Since I don't have a blog I usually don't comment on the blog posts I read. But I'm thinking you are a kindred sister. Pauline