Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stash Report/ January Goal Update

Fabric In: 3 3/4 yards
Fabric In January: 7 3/4 yards
YTD Fabric In: 7 3/4 yards
Fabric Out:  3/4 yards (4 pot holders w/backs)
Fabric Out January 3 1/4 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 3 1/4 yards
Enhancement this Week: 3 yards
Enhancement - January: 3.5 yards
YTD Enhancement/Reduction: 3.5 yards
Projects/UFOs Advanced in January: 
 Binding Tool Blue Star
 Binding Tool Table Runners (2)
 Sunflower Wedding Quilt
 Potholders (7)
 BH leaders/enders

  This weekend was spent playing with great granddaughters. Friday, DGD#2 messaged me asking if I could come and bring ginger ale, crackers, and gator aide b/c she was very sick. So off I went to buy and bring said items. 
  DGGD#1 wanted to come home with me so she did. We played all afternoon and even went have lunch with her nanny which may have not been a great idea. Three year olds can tire you out quickly and don't want to take a nap. But they come with shoes and love to play outside.
  Then DGD#2 messeaged again asking if I could come pick up DGGD#2 since my daughter couldn't do it. So off DH and I went to pick up DGGD#2 and bring her to DD#2's house. On the way, DGGD#1 decided that SHE would be staying at her grandmother's house NOT her sister. So we came back with DGGD#2! 16 months old w/o shoes so no outside play.
  First, we made a quick trip to WalMart for food items that a 16 month old might like and milk.  Thank goodness, DGD#5 spends the weekends with us. She took the baby to bed with her until about 1am. Then DGGD#2 came to bed with us and promptly kicked me out of my king size bed. She has the distinction of being the only child DH has let sleep in our bed next to him. She is definitely his Chunky Monkey!
  Saturday morning, Bella and I played with the few toys here. Then in the afternoon after DH woke up, we drove to DD#1's house. Bella was a doll and slept on the way there (I fed her right before we left.) I picked up my red quilt ready for binding and had a great visit with DD#1. I picked up fabric for table runner backings and BH leader/Ender project (her scraps)  and the red & black quilt. I ironed through red and white quilt.  She gave me three/four gifts. BH book / ruler, a turtle from Belize, and a turtle bracelet from the West. 
  Bella was great on the trip back again sleeping until the last 20 miles. That gal has a great set of lungs and let us know that she was tired traveling. The only regret I have is that b/c of our late start, we didn't get to visit with Glenda, Frank, and the boys.
  We stayed up late b/c naturally she wasn't tired. Finally she went to sleep but woke up lively at 3:30 am. Right now she is trying to convince me to turn on the tv but the cable is not working in the living room while she snacks on cereal.
  Great Grandma duty will be over when we go to church. I know I will be ready for a nap.
Lator Gators.

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  1. Sounds like a very full weekend! Congrats on the stash busting.