Monday, January 16, 2017

Stash Report/ Update on Goals

Fabric In: 2 yards (coffee mug panels 2)
Fabric In January: 4 yards
YTD Fabric In: 4 yards
Fabric Out: .5 yards (3 pot holders w/backs)
Fabric Out January: 2.5 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 2.5 yards
Enhancement this Week: 1.5  yards
Enhancement - January: 1.5 yards
YTD Enhancement/Reduction: 1.5 yards
Projects Started this week: (pot holders)
Projects Started January: (3 Coffee pot holders,Pepper & Fleur table runners) 
YTD Projects Started: 6
Projects/UFOS Completed this Week: 3 (3 potholders from panel)
Projects/ UFOs Completed in January: 3
YTD Completed: 3
  This has been a very busy week (for us):
Sunday - church and food shopping.
Monday - doctor appointments and bowling
Tuesday - sewing with Cheryl and LEMONS.
Wednesday- Squirrels and more appointments
Thursday - guild meeting and first cleaning of freezer.
Friday - illness hit! DH ankle and my bottom. We rested on sofa doing as little movement as possible to avoid pain. Very unusual activity! DGS#9 came to ask to borrow my truck and help tend to squirrels. Boogers got into studio too. I know it is debunked but it is still my space and I DON'T WANT TO SHARE! War has been declared on the squirrel population!
Saturday - washing, folding, saving of clothes and trip to town for groceries. No squirrel activity detected! 
  I decided to lend my truck to DGS#9. I know! DH and I went to the casino so waiting wouldn't be so nerve racking.
Then the adventure happened. On the way home, the little truck decided it didn't want to go back. If you have ever had a preteen not want to go somewhere, you will understand. We traveled home at the grand speed of 15mph in the dark on a Saturday night at 8:30pm with the full moon. An adventure I never want to repeat but we got home safely! It sure made waiting for DGS#9 a snap. He got here about 6 minutes before curfew for Harold, the truck. He and I discussed the fact that Harold would have been grounded if they were even 1 minute late. He told me that he knew that! Then he asked very politely if Harold could go out with him next week-End! DHS#9 has my heart and he knows it!
Yet most of my January Goals advanced a little and I even added a project on Thursday:


  1. What an amazing week! Glad you're okay. Here's to more sewing soon.

  2. Hope you and DH are feeling much better. I hate squirrels. They got in our attic last year. We had to have an electrician come in and replace some of the wiring. Hope you've got your bunch under control.