Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals/February Update

March Goals:  
Main Goals
  Judy LaQuidra's UFO: #5 Sammy
  Table Runners Quilted
 Secondary Goals
     PJ's quilt - finish tying top and complete self binding
  Something New:
     S. Wedding Quilt - start pulling fabric and panels
  Something Old: (List is growing instead of strinking)
     Potholders = complete both panels as potholders 
     Blue Binding Tool Star - Complete another round
     Mystery BOM Stars - put top together
 FMQ:  Still scared!
     Start - everything is ready.
  Bonnie Hunter's Leader/Ender project - complete neutral borders and begin making blue pieces
  Trash/Strings - Goal is to make 5 sets for a total of 25 sets.
February Goals:  My Muse left early!
JL UFO # 9 - PJ's Quilt Nothing done
APQ UFO #8 - Mystery BOM Stars all pieces that could be pieced were.
PJ's quilt - not done
Something New:
  Next wedding quilt - plan quilt on paper  Started
Something Old:
   Potholders - complete all of panel as potholders. None done
   Blue Binding Tool Star- complete 2 more blocks and start 3 more. None done
FMQ:  Still scared!
   Practice piece then possibly table runners. Right now thinking about using straight line quilting to get it done. Finished is the goal. Not started
   Bonnie Hunter'S Leader/Ender project - the neutral border trimmed and added while making blue halves. Two neutral borders added.

   Trash/Strings - continue making blocks in sets of 4. Goal is 5 sets to make 10 sets complete. 20 set done

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  1. I hope your quilting muse will be front and center this month. I'm feeling the same way as you with FMQ. I do a lot of straight line quilting on the Sewing Machine. On the long arm I have been sticking with pantographs. Pauline