Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stash Report

Lesson: Do Not Go To LQS After Guild
Fabric In This Week: 4.5 yards (18 six inch pieces blacks and whites + 1.5 yards of butterflies)
Fabric Out This week: 1.25 (5 fat quarters as door prize for guild)
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 3.25 yards
Fabric In for March: 10.5 yards
Fabric Out for March: 1.25 yards
Reduction/Enhancement for March: 9.25 yards
Fabric In YTD: 18.25 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 9 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 9.25 yards
New Project Started This Week: 
 Guild Bingo block -3 log cabin blocks in blacks & whites. I wonder if I will stop at 3. Fabrics pulled and strips cut.
 Guild Challenge -Spring Table Runner 12 by 35 -butterflies with bunnies and Easter egg. Fabric cut for runner.
Projects Advanced This Week:
BH Leader/Ender: Blue quarter square triangles started.
     I have been sewing but haven't finished anything!  Thursday, I went to guild and got the Bingo Block instruction, the Challenge Information, and signed up for the BOM for 2017-2018. The BOM will be 2 blocks for 6 months starting in June and then in January we will get instructions for the log cabins. It will be due quilted and bound in June 2018 and shown in the Krotz Spring Quilt Show in July 2018. It is another BOM from the designer of DGS#2's Wedding quilt and J&B's BOM. I loved both!
     Then I went to the quilt shop and got 18 pieces of black with white and white on white for the Bingo blocks. Friday, I started cutting strips for the blocks. What is left after the 3 blocks are made will be used for quarter square triangles or saved for another project I have in mind if I don't make more log cabins.  
     I picked up another copy of a book for totes, (mine is lost in the defunked studio or in the over-crowded sewing den) since two friends want me to give a duffle bag class at Cheryl's home. Oh, how I wish my studio was up and running! Models don't have to be finished just show the specific part. Then they can be used to show how to construct the bag. So I need to make one finished bag, one bag in parts, and possibly one bag just in pieces. 
     Friday, a light bulb went off - Glenda had a duffle made of dog fabric that got lost in the flood. I have dog fabric in the defunked studio. It would be a great way to thank her for the Halloween fabric and 1930 o-belly table, which is now supporting my cutting station (I love it!). That bag could be my finished model! Next week I will get to work locating fabric for lining, pockets, and straps.
     I also bought a darling yard and half of butterflies for my Challenge Table Runner. The theme is SPRING. Right away I thought of bunnies, eggs, and butterflies with green grass and flowers. Friday, I cut a 13 by 35.5 piece and found my bunnies and Easter Eggs. What is left from the fabric can be used to make the completed parts only bag. MMMM That's two bags already so all I have to do is to cut out a third! So that would be one for Glenda, one for a birthday preasent, and one for great-granddaughters to share. 
   DD#4 is killing me with the exercise 5 days a week, but now has edged up. For 3 weeks, DD#4 & DH were the leaders in this adventure, but the tide has turned! Now I have to get them motivated with Spirit's help. That child loves the pool. 
     I have to admit that I am feeling much better although Thursday was an ebbing day. 
     Friday night we went to a crawfish party for the dream team of our church. Saturday was sewing and small group night. DGS#9 and DGS#8 took my truck to go out. Today we went to church and ate BBQ.
LATOR Gators.


  1. Sounds like you are more than busy these days and having lots of fun I can tell. Can't wait to see some of the projects you mentioned.

  2. Good luck with all your plans. Love that butterfly fabric!