Sunday, April 30, 2017

May Goals

1. Move back into studio 
Handquilt Sammie'S quilt - due by end of June.
The first 2 have priority! I am giving the handyman this week to come finish his job. If not, I have someone else ready to complete it!
3. Complete 2 sides of BH's  Leader/Ender project
4. Add to blue Star 
  If I complete those 4 goals, then I want to work on learning to freemotion, pick a pattern and cut it out for DGS #5, and cut out a special flannel flimsy for DH. 
  Once the studio ceiling is up, I can assemble my handquilting frame and work on Sammie's Quilt. The long frame will make it easier to quilt in the octagon rows and the spine area at the same time for most of the quilt. I have to start this week or next if I am going to get it done by the wedding!
  When I get tired of quilting, I can work on cleaning and reorganization of tools, fabric and machines - not to mention painting ceilings, floors, and replacing walls. 
  First off, the office/fabric room needs emptying and the floor needs a good scrubbing. 
  Lots to do to get the studio better than before. It took since last August to get it worked on so I am giving myself until January, 2018 to get it perfect. That allows for life and 3 graduation quilts!
  As I wait for the studio, I will work on making more quarter square triangles - Blue and Neutral. When I go to Cheryl, I will put together what I cut for Blue Stars. Hopefully, I will have this flimsy together by the end of December. Oh, and I have the APQ and JL 's UFOs.
  If I can do all this w/o SQUIRRELS taking over like they did in March and April, it will be a great month. 

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