Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stash Report

Fabric IN This Week: 0 yards
Fabric IN for April: 13 6/12 yards ( My friends and daughter keep adding to my stash while I still have a $25 credit at LQS!)
Fabric IN YTD: 31 9/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: 05 5/6 yards (4 yards=PJ'S quilt + 1/2 yard =pink skirt for Marie + 1 1/3 yards = 2 Paper bag dresses)
Fabric OUT for April: 18 2/12 yards
Fabric OUT YTD: 26 5/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 05 5/6 yard
Reduction/Enhancement for April: 04 3/4 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 5 1/3 yards

Projects Advanced:
STUDIO CEILING - It came down but did not go back up!
BH Leader/Ender - more blue parts sewed.
This week the squirrels (crochet & GGD's clothes) took over. 
Projects This Week:  
Premie crochet baby blanket - 1 finished and 2nd started.(I am beginning to enjoy this craft!) 
Pink Twirly skirt from Cheryl's scraps-DONE & Delivered!(no picture)
"Paper Bag" dress for greats. - 1 made with elastic and straps & 1 waiting on straps.
Plans for April 23-29 week:
Hand quilt S. Quilt-Priority #1 - NOT STARTED
Make blue quarter square triangles- Made a bag full and am ready to put on next side.
Work on Blue Star Wedding Quilt - Took it out and looked at it.
Work on potholders - Not even a thought.
Other News: 
Ugly and Nasty
Monday was a RED LETTER day. I took a chance and again asked the local handyman about fixing my studio ceiling. That ceiling is ugly and nasty! He was at my house within the hour, gave me a reasonable bid, and compiled a supply list. He even fixed the fan light in the "office" area which never worked w/o me buying another fan!
We left for bowling at 5pm as he was ready to pull ceiling down
  I delivered 3 skirt sets to DGD#2. She thought they were perfect. Now I am waiting for pictures. 
Bella claimed this one!
Marie'S goofy face.
  The skirts may all be too long but the way DGGD#1 is growing... and DGGD#2 is right behind her. UPDATE: DGGD#1 loved the Twirly skirt and Bella had to wear one too. Shirts were too big but once they are washed, they should fit. I think the skirts are a bit long too but I didn't see them on yet.
Handyman started working on studio.
Sheet rock gone!
Tuesday - Cheryl worked on puzzle while I made blue parts for BH. Handyman got ceiling down. That is a big improvement but still ugly and a bit nasty! I want clean, pretty, and possibly white! He cut our grass in exchange for ride to town. Had I been home more would have been done in the studio but DH is a push over for a down & out Hustler b/c he was one most of his life. He grew up poorer than the church mice and still remembers those hard times. I keep telling him that "hard times" stopped for both of us on our wedding day.
Unless I have a half day free to sit and wait, I never offer a ride to someone who doesn't have a car, b/c they always seem to have one more place to go.
Wednesday - Nothing happen in studio.
I have to keep reminding myself that I have waited 8 months so a few more days is nothing. But i am so disappointed right now. I want to be in there NOW!
  Great news was that Glenda's grandson arrived. Another big boy!
Thursday - Day started early with taking grandchildren to school. Had coffee with crochet group. Cleaned house. No sign of Handyman! Went to casino with DH and watched horse races.
Friday - Completed 1 Paper bag dress w/elastic. Completed crochet project and started second one. Still no sign of Handyman. Went out for lunch with DH.
Saturday - Still no sign of Handyman. Went to lunch with DGD#5 and DH. Came home to Lucy out again so fixed fence again. I think I am going to have to either replace part of fence or redo electric fence. No sewing!
Sunday - Fiece rain in the early morning. Lucy got scared and came to front door. Two good things about that: 1) Ama does not join her. 2) Lucy comes straight to the front door - she really wants to be an inside dog! Church and lunch are on the agenda. Then I will attempt putting down the crochet and putting a quilt on the frame. I am so disappointed right now - b/c I had hoped to be able to quilt this one on my long frame. Oh, well! Be grateful for what you have and get on with life.
  Oh, by the way - Glenda jinxed my studio when she hoped my handyman wasn't like the twins. I think she isn't really ready for the rest of the boxes I was planning on bringing back once the studio was done(at 2-3 boxes a trip, I have at least 3 trips) with that new grandson arriving this week- that's my story and I am sticking to it. LOL
 Hopefully, next week will see the studio ceiling done with me handquilting inside of it; Alex calling to let me know machine is ready (another Glenda jinx b/c everytime I go near BR , I bring back boxes); and DH's aches are gone. 
Lator Gators! 

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