Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stash Report 4/@3-4/29

Stash Report:
Fabric IN This Week: 1/2 yards (5" squares)
Fabric IN for April: 13 6/12 yards ( My friends and daughter keep adding to my stash while I still have a $25 credit at LQS!)
Fabric IN YTD: 31 9/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: yards (2 skirts)
Fabric OUT for April: 12 4/12 yards
Fabric OUT YTD: 23 7/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 1/2 yard
Reduction/Enhancement for April: 1 1/6 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 8 1/6 yards

Projects Advanced:
PJ'S quilt
PJ's Quilt - tying done and in washing. 
Sammie Quilt It is ready for frame! It would be on frame but Monday one leg broke off. That was to be expected since is over 11 years old. 
Patrice, Marie, & Miguel
  DH fixed it Tuesday while I brought kids next door and DGGD#1 to the park for swing and water play. That was an adventure! Marie grandmother (DD#2) was afraid that I couldn't handle the 7, 5, & 3 year old combination so she called in backup (DGD#2) for me. Other than I forgot money and snacks we all had a great time!
Binding for DD#1's quilt- sewn on quilt ready for slow stitching.
Projects Not Advanced:
Guild Challenge - still deciding on colors
BH Leader/Ender - more blue parts needed.
Potholders - 
Blue Star Wedding Quilt
Free Motion Quilting 
 Projects This Week:  
2 Twirly skirts for great granddaughters  - DONE 
(I am hoping they fit. BUT I think they are too long  and the patchwork waistband might not fit. We shall see!)
Plans for April 23-29 week:
Hand quilt S. Quilt-Priority #1
Make blue quarter square triangles
Work on Blue Star Wedding Quilt
Work on potholders
Possibly make a "Paper Bag" dress for greats.
Other News: 
  DGGS#1- Taylor decided to make his appearance on Wednesday. He is a big 8 pound baby. Cute as can be.
  Friday, DH fell in the living room and scared Spirit and I half out of our minds. He is OK but it was still scary. He refuses to go to doctor.
  This coming Tuesday I am going sew with Cheryl. I think I will work on a Twirly skirt  or a "paper bag" dress for the greats and blue quarter square triangles.  Thursday, I am meeting with the ladies in the crochet group. 

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  1. You accomplished a lot last week and looks like next week will be just as busy. Have fun on your sew day with Cheryl.Hope your DH is ok.