Monday, April 24, 2017

Design Wall 4/24/17

Same Old Same Old! First priority this week is hand quilting SQ. Then 40 more completed blue quarter square triangles for second long side. IF I manage to complete these tasks, then I will start sorting scraps and make either "paper bag" dresses or Twirly skirts for the greats.
   This weekend has been rough! DH fell again and brusied his toe bone. He also did something to his back so he has been in pain all weekend. He refuses to go to the doctor still. 
   Spirit's older half sister took her to spend the night with other siblings. When she brought Spirit back, Kylie was ooohing and aaaahing over my quilts so she got to leave with the red/black/white Wanda quilt
  DH was not really happy b/c as for as he is concerned all quilts that come into this house are HIS! After she left, I explained to him that Kylie was putting herself thru college the same as DGD#1 did and deserved a bit of encouragement and love. I also explained that my quilts are made to be used not saved in a closet. Then his only complaint was that he wants another warm quilt for his bed . (I really don't understand this b/c there are 4-8 quilts folded in the closet. He tells me those are not warm enough. Again I don't understand b/c they all have the same 80/20 batting and are cotton fabric. There is even an old heavy quilt with combed cotton batting.)
  Guess I will have to find and piece the flannel kit I bought years ago. This year at Houston Festival I got a wool batting with him in mind (he is always cold especially at night even here in South Louisiana where we may have 3 days/nights of cold temps.) so everything is in place. It is now on the UFO list for August or after SQ is quilted and bound which ever comes first. LOL


  1. MEN who really understands their logic, sounds like you have a busy week, good luck

  2. I'm usually the cold one in our house, so I can sympathize somewhat. But I put those quilts on my bed myself to keep me warm. So nice of you to give one to Kylie.