Monday, May 22, 2017

Design Wall May 22, 2017

Plans for May 22 - 28:
Neutral row next
1) Cut and construct quarter squares. - Neutral & red . Hopefully I will have photo of neutral round added on Thursday post.
Need more points
3) Work on Blue Binding Star. - Make another star point. Photo post on Thursday.
4) Work on binding of DD's quilt - Need to get done by 6/1. Photo post on Thursday.
5) Studio - I talked to man at church. His wife is just beginning to be able to move by herself so he may work later this week depending on her progress. Studio has been a mess this long a bit longer isn't going to matter!. 
6) Sammie's Quilt  - It is pin basted and will be put on round frame this week. Photo post on Thursday.
7) Fence - Somehow the panels need to get to back yard so I can at least prop them up. Photo post when corner is done hopefully  on Thursday.
8)  Machines - I need to take down and service 1950 Premier and set up Phaff. Photo post of new set up on Thursday.
UPDATE: Plans for May 14 - 21 week:
1) Cut and construct (90) neutral quarter squares. - more than 90 have been cut.  
3) Work on Blue Binding Star. - another star point completed.
4) Work on binding of DD's quilt - still waiting!
5) Studio! - nothing maybe this coming week.
6) Sammie's Quilt  - I decided to pin baste it along with the spray baste and put it on frame.
7) Fence - NOTHING DONE! It needs to get up b/c Lucy is too quick and gets out the door before I can stop her.


  1. Wishing you a productive week. Thanks for linking up with Moving it Forward.

  2. I like the idea of making a "planning list". I will try it this week. Thanks for posting on Design Wall Mondays.

  3. Such a lot to accomplish. Good luck staying on track.