Monday, May 22, 2017

A Short Trip

Great News! My Phaff is finally home. It worked beautifully at Glenda's. Hopefully, it will work here in Lewisburg for longer than a day! 
  After putting 2 new tires on the front of my truck, (tech didn't like the screw that was living in my tire-I was fine with it b/c it wasn't leaking air.), I drove to BR Thursday morning and picked up my machine first. According to Alex, the problem is that I sew too long on the computerized machine at one time (same amount of time I sew on all my BabyLocks including my embroidery machine). I disagree but no use arguing with that Russian! 
  Then off to Glenda's where we discussed projects, fabrics, and tried to set up Phaff. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon driving back and forth to Alex's to get the right power cord for the Phaff. 
  The good part was that I got a few triangle parts done and Glenda picked a pattern with triangles for the quilts she wanted to make before it was time to meet Paula for supper. Oh Gosh - they called it a salad but I call it heaven. Sweet strawberries covered with greek yogurt dressing accompanied by a strawberry, spinach, bacon salad (yummy) and a spinach quiche. 
  Then off to the guild meeting. Very slow meeting but I learned a few things about folding quilts on the diagonal. Best of all I won a clear adjustable table for my vinage machines. Everyone wanted that table but it came home with me. Someone's trash was my treasure! 
  After the meeting, it was back to Glenda's for talk and bed. My blow-up bed sleeps and works so well there.
  Friday morning, I sewed triangle parts, while Glenda cut and arranged 60 degree triangles for her new project until 11am. Then off to DD#1's house, with a quick stop at Alex's and Office Depot.
 DD#1 is rearranging her studio and down sizing her quilting machine to queen. While she took the red wedding quilt off the frame and worked on getting the screws loose (took longer than she expected), I cut neutral triangle parts from her scrap pile. She has been holding out on me! She had the die for the GO! all this time. No wonder she kept up with me on this project! I took the die with me b/c she won't be needing it until July.  She cut lots before tearing her studio apart and has a quilt to quilt and another one to piece and quilt to keep her busy.
  Between my sewing machine, empty bins from Glenda, and DD#1's contributions, the back area of my truck was full again.LOL 
  I came home to chaos! 
  Bad Things -
1) House smelled of dog. DH thinks that the usual cleaning mixture will work - NOPE. 
2) With his daughter's encouragement, DH has extended his hoarding tendencies to food items - items we can't eat and don't eat- b/c they are free. There is no counter space left in my kitchen or in the cabinets and still they bring it in!
3) The central air is not working and new fuses didn't do the trick as DH thought it would.  DH doesn't mind the heat (over 80) but I can't sleep if I am hot. During the day, I am ok with a fan but at night it has to be under 75 or I don't sleep. This week end will be a test of patience. Hopefully, we will be able to get a tech out on Monday - the man who works on ours is retired and DH has lost his number to find out who took over.
4) The fence is still not fixed and Lucy is in the laundry room. 
I love DH to the ends of the earth and back. BUT his tendency to do for others before tending to our needs and his "save for hard times" hoarding is nerve racking. I believe in helping others after my needs are taken care of and other than fabric, I don't keep useless things or food items i dont eat. 
Good thing - tv/cable is fixed so DH has tv in the living room. Everything has been updated!
Lator Gators! Comments are welcome but actually this blog is a my journal. 

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