Monday, May 15, 2017

Design Wall

 May 14 - 20
1) Cut and construct (90) neutral quarter squares for next round of B/H Leader/Ender round. C&C a few red ones too(Need 220).
Times 2
3) Work on Blue Binding Star. Decided to change design since there are no more strips I was using available.  4 squares medallion with half stars around. We shall see!
4) Work on binding of DD's quilt - Thank goodness there is no deadline. I plan to work on it this week.
5) Studio! I think it is cursed but hopefully this week. They weren't at church Sunday so her recover may not be going too well.
6) Sammie's Quilt  - If things haven't changed by Friday, I will be assembling the big frame and loading it. Thursday, l am going to BR for a guild meeting, visit with Glenda, pick up my Phaff lemon, and bring supplies to DD#1. So there will be more room with some rearranging. Then I can move stuff from living room into it so I can set up frame.
7) Fence - Hopefully, DGS#9 and friends will be available to help sometime this week. Lucy has adopted Lilly's bad bathroom habits so she has to go outside for longer periods of time.
DGD#5(Spirit), myself, and DH on Mother's Day, May 14, 2017.

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