Monday, June 26, 2017

Design Wall 6/26/17 - 7/2/17

Plans for the week: (Lots to get done before the 4th.)
1) Wallet class - Today I am taking a class given by the guild. It is an all day class on making a wallet with pockets and metal closure. If I like the wallet, I will get a second setup to make more. We shall see!
2) Table runners and other items for Sammie's wedding /- the fabric will require thought and careful cutting!
3)Small group meeting Tuesday morning - we are crocheting baby blankets 
4) Wedding Quilt - hand sew binding on. DONE!
5) Sammie's Quilt - continue primitive quilting on diagonal with green thread; put side borders on and quilt. Hopefully it will be ready for Binding next week.
6) Studio - walls then floors; Monday afternoon get bead border for back wall; Tuesday DGS#9 and Mr. Antonio put up walls; Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday get plywood for other walls; Thursday begin putting up walls; Saturday clean floor. Next week paint floors.  After wedding, put up baseboards and molding. Then finishing painting and possibly build storage box/seat. Hopefully it will be finished by August.

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