Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Update for 6-26-17

Plans for the week: (Lots to get done before the 4th.)
1) Wallet class - Today I am taking a class given by the guild. It is an all day class on making a wallet with pockets and metal closure. If I like the wallet, I will get a second setup to make more. We shall see! I really enjoyed class and want to make more clutches for Christmas.
2) Table runners and other items for Sammie's wedding /- the fabric will require thought and careful cutting!
3)Small group meeting Tuesday morning - we are crocheting baby blankets  I completed one and will complete second during the week. Next project is prayer shawl.
4) Wedding Quilt - hand sew binding on. DONE!  It is in its case ready to be gifted when Sammie's quilt is done.
5) Sammie's Quilt - continue primitive quilting on diagonal with green thread; put side borders on and quilt. Hopefully it will be ready for Binding next week. DH cut and drilled me four riser for frame!
Concentrating on new skill
6) Studio - walls then floors; Monday afternoon get bead border for back wall; Tuesday DGS#9 and Mr. Antonio put up walls; Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday get plywood for other walls; Thursday begin putting up walls; Saturday clean floor. Next week paint floors.  After wedding, put up baseboards and molding. Then finishing painting and possibly build storage box/seat. Hopefully it will be finished by August. 
  We are training my own handy man. Chris has learned to use drill as screw driver and drill; learned to use skill/circular saw; learned to use jig saw; learned how to paint a ceiling; and now is learning how to use the lines on a ruler and read them too (using a skill learned in school but never used out of school) so he can cut accurate holes for receptacles! He hasn't backed down once from all these new-to-him skills. 
  Tuesday morning: The studio has a new ceiling (not perfect but good enough for the time being); and the long wall is almost complete (neither handy man got much sleep last night so they worked slowly)! We decided to go with the finished plywood for the whole project due to amount of work.
  Due to doctor appointments on Wednesday (morning for Mr. ANTONIO and afternoon for me), the work will start again on Thursday morning. DGS#9 and I have to pull down the remaining old walls and clean the debris before then and we have to go get more plywood and half round molding. Hopefully, we will get it all done before my appointment which includes a procedure in my nether area. I know TMI! 
   Life is good!

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