Thursday, June 29, 2017


Placing and screwing

   We are training my own handy man-DGS#9. Chris has learned to use drill as screw driver and drill; learned to use skill/circular saw; learned to use jig saw; learned how to paint a ceiling; and now is learning how to use the lines on a ruler and read them too (using a skill learned in school but never used out of school) so he can cut accurate holes for receptacles! He hasn't backed down once from all these new-to-him skills. He has gotten better and better at everything but measuring. Mr. Antonio does that!
Plans for the week: (Lots to get done before the 4th.)
1) Wallet class - Done
2) Table runners and other items for Sammie's wedding
3)Small group meeting Tuesday morning  - DONE
4) Wedding Quilt  - Done
5) Sammie's Quilt - Working on srraight aways. DH cut and drilled me four riser for frame! They work great!
6) Studio - work progressing. It wont be complerely finished this week. We still have trim to do and floor. DGS#9 does not like the looks of the ceiling so I guess I will put ceiling tile on the list.
  My boil popped and now I am on medication. It hurts like hell! But it is healing!   Life is good!

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