Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday Thoughts and Wonderings

Outside my window...continuous gusty rain thanks to Cindy.
I am listening to...rain on our tin roof and DGD#5 giggling.
One of my favorite things...watching DGS#9 using his new found skills. 
One of my least favorite things...doing the dishes.
I am missing...Leeapaul, our 13 yo male yorkie. He went on a walk about and never came back! DGD#2 says he went off to die b/c he didn't want us to have to make the decision to put him down.
I am planning...on finishing all the wedding quilts in time for the weddings which will be a first for me! I know Kristen's will be ready in time b/c it is being quilted and she hasn't set a date yet. 
I am trying to my studio was set up before so I can make the changes needed.
I finish the quilts for Sammie and Billy.
I am a lazy person like me will get it all done!
I am is full of surprizes. I have been asked/begged to sub from October to Christmas holidays. I agreed and now am having second thoughts.
I am super have a great husband who indulges my every whim!
I am sewing on...binding for Billy's quilt and primitive hand quilting on Sammie's quilt.
I am deciding...on layout of studio. DD#1's fabric/cubby wall intrigues me but I want all my fabric in side room aka office so probably will be set one up in there. 
Should I... use bead board for all the studio walls or go with current plan and only do one wall in bead board and rest in finished plywood.
TOO Many Decisions! Too Much to Do!
Just ramblings and wonderings  on a rainy Thursday morning.

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