Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Update for week of 6/18 - 6/24

Added projects:
  DGD#2 asked me to make table runners for the wedding and foolishly I agreed before looking at the fabric. It is going to be more work than I expected. 

  Then DD#2 asked me to make something special (quilty) for the bridal party table and groom and brides table. I am thinking about signature top where guest can come and sign wishes for the bride and groom's table. For the wedding party, I may make quilted fans. I sew slow so I don't know.
1) Sammie's Quilt - continue primitive stitching using square frame. I have completed the rounds and next is the long diagonal in purple. It is looking good.
2) Wedding Quilt - sew binding on. Nothing done yet.
3)  Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt - make at least 5 more quarters. 3 more were made so far. After i finish these 5, the project will go on hold until after DGD#2's wedding July 15th or at least until her projects are done.
4) Studio - paint studio ceiling and buy bead board/paneling for long wall and short wall. DGS#9 (Chris) and DH decided to paint the whole ceiling white. It definitely makes the studio brighter! 
  DH WORKED ON securing the air conditioner. It really is too small for the room but won't be replaced until after the studio is complete. Priorities! 
  We need 9 sheets for the long wall and my area which may become the cutting and ironing area again.
   I am so ready to be back in my studio! I almost set up a sewing area as DGS#9 painted. But he was using my desk as a table to put his paint. I think he is having as much fun as I am using all his new skills!

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