Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stash Report 7/16/17

Fabric IN This Week: yards
Fabric IN for July: 3 1/4 yards 
Fabric IN YTD: 44 8/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: 11 yards (Sammie's quilt)
Fabric OUT for July: 14 1/4 yards
Fabric OUT YTD: 45 9/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 11 yards
Reduction/Enhancement for July: 11 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 1 1/12 yard
   Next big reduction will be another wedding quilt-Blue Binding Star probably in November. Everything else is in progress.
  Yesterday, my DGD#2 got married to her best friend. It was a small but beautiful wedding.
Plans for this week: 
1)  Studio: Clean floors and get paint for floors. Get flannel backed tablecloths to put up as design walls.
2) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt: Put what is sewn up on design wall/floor to predict look of quilt. Make more quarter star blocks as needed at least 2.
3) Trash/Strings (APQ  UFO #1): Construct 12 1/2" blocks from 6 1/2" blocks. Then make flimsy.
4) BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Construct neural row and sew 10 more red quarter square triangle blocks.
 5) KS BOM Super Charged -  Make final fabric selections. This will be DGD# 4's graduation quilt and she wants royal blue, lime green, saints black and white, and I am adding yellow-gold. Finding the templates will be the trick! They were put/thrown in a bin and I don't  know which one so I have to go thru the bins one at a time until templates are found.

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  1. Question: Do your blocks stick to flannel backed tablecloths? Do you hang them or lay them flat? Do you use one for each project and store the blocks on it rolled up? I'm finishing off my basement for a studio and will ned to make a new design wall. Previously, I've used rigid insulation board covered with a flannel sheet up against the wall, but am looking for other ideas.