Monday, July 17, 2017

Design Wall July 18, 2017

Plans for this week: 
Priorities are #6(This will take lots of dedicated time.); #3(again lots of dedicated time needed); #4; #5, #1, and then #2. In fact if I get #6, #4, and #3 done, I will be a happy camper! #5 is cut ready for sewing; #2 can't be done until #3 is done; and #1 needs prep (papers cut, neutral string basket found, probably more strings cut) before I can continue.  #1 needs the most dedicated time of these 3. 
1)Trash/Strings (APQ  UFO #1): Construct 12 1/2" blocks from 6 1/2" blocks I have already made. (These went quick! I have already finished sewing the blocks I have into rows of 6.) Now I need to make 8 times 4 times 4 plus 48 more small blocks to get the 30-38 blocks needed to make this flimsy 96 x 72 w/o borders. 8x6 (If I did the math righ!)
2)KS BOM Super Charged - Find the templates needed for blocks.
3) StudioClean floors and get paint for floors. Get flannel backed tablecloths to put up as design walls. ASAP!!!
4)Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt: Put what is sewn up on design wall/floor to predict look of quilt.  I have 2 sewn stars and 9 quarter stars which is enough to make 2 more stars. I am thinking I want the four complete stars in middle and then quarter squares around that with a double row on top and bottom. To do that I need to make more quarter star blocks at least 7.   I am unsure about the sides since the stars are BIG and the sides may make it too big for a queen bed. I will put it on the spare bed to see how big it would be.
5) BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Construct neural row and sew 10 more red quarter square triangle blocks.
6) T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - Get interfacing; cut apart shirts; begin interfacing shirts. Decide on layout and get needed fabric. Find motorcycle panel for back. 
Oh how I need a design wall! This is when I wish I still had the batting on all the walls of my studio.
Tuesday morning  I will go to meet with crochet group hopefully I wI'll have finished step 1 of this prayer shawl. Tuesday afternoon DGS#9 goes to take the test for the military. He is excited! I figure i can visit Joanna and get interfacing for raffle quilt then.
  The rest of the week is pretty much empty but it won't stay that way long. So my plans are to sew as much as possible and get my studio to the next step. The afternoons can be dedicated to runnjng around with DH.
  Right now I am trying to decide if I want to go to Vickburg or Houston. I am experiencing tool and fabric overload (I know I must be sick!) and just want classes. So I am leaning towards Vickburg especially since I will be subbing in Oct., Nov., and Dec.
But you know how that goes, best laid plans of men and mice! 
L ator Gators! I hear the Studio calling.

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  1. Good grief and I thought I had a lot to do! I hope you get everything done. I would make a design wall my priority though. It hard to be efficient without one.