Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wondering on a Thursday morning

Outside my window... dawn's early light.
I am listening to...soft jazz wishing I had coffee!
One of my favorite things... watching my DGS#9 work.
One of my least favorite things... seeing DGS#9 upset b/c he didn't achieve something he wanted missing it by just 1 point.
I am missing... the templates I need to start the KS BOM.
I am planning... to sew up a storm as soon as studio is done.
I am trying to remember... where I stored the templates I need for the KS BOM.
I need... to set up 3 design walls.
I am wondering... how to get more hours in the day.
I am thinking... I want to give Trash/Strings to Addie and Mr. Antonio for Christmas. He fell in love with the colors.
I am super thankful... for Mr. Antonio. He has been a life saver with the Studio and teaching DGS#9 how to use power tools.
I am sewing on... too many projects.
I am deciding... on whether to go to Vickburg or Houston or neither or both. 
Should I... rush to get back in studio or continue taking my time to do it right?
TOO Many Decisions! Too Much to Do!
Just ramblings and wonderings  on a rainy Thursday morning.


  1. It is hard to know where to start when there are so many things to do. Just pick one and do it!

  2. I am still unorganized in the quilt room. There are things I am still looking for. I sometimes can't tell if I saw them before
    The flood or after the flood! Like the lace from my old bedroom curtains