Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Progress week of 7/17/17

WARNING BRAG SESSION: DGS#9 is making me so proud. So far he has put up ceiling & walls; painted ceiling & floor; helped do electrical repairs; and moved more items than he can count. DGS#9 has learned how to use power tools and read a ruler. He has not backed down from any of the new experiences. When DGS#9 takes on a task, he does it wholehearted! He is determined to make the Studio a place that makes me smile every time I go in it!
  He is also working with the recruiter to strengthen his physical conditioning while he studies for the test. He wants to join the Army but I am still rooting for Air Force. 
1)Trash/Strings (APQ  UFO #1): Nothing done!
2)KS BOM Super Charged - Found 1 of the templates. I now know they are not in my sewing table. The search continues!
3) Studio: Floors mopped twice again. DGS#9 and I painted half the Studio floor a rich brown this afternoon. The floor is looking great with the walls! Now we wait for floor to dry and cure 3 to 5 days. In the meantime DGS#9 will paint baseboards. That way when floor is cured, DGS#9 can put those up too. Then that half will be completed except for ceiling trim! So next week we should be able to move things to the painted side and complete the floor on the other side. 
4)Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt: Nothing done yet! I am planning on sewing at least 1 star together on Thursday.
5) BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: I trimmed blocks and pinned others together while Addie used my machine to sew bowl caddies. I really need to set up my Phaff so I can sew the next time she and Mr. Antonio come which will be sometimes next week. He will be installing a light in the room between the laundry room and studio. Another opportunity for DGS#9 to learn about being an electrician's helper. 
6) T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - I need to go get interfacing. Tuesday's plan didn't work out. Plan is to go get it Thursday evening.
     Monday, I spent the day cleaning the Studio. Tuesday was spent moving things around in studio to get floor ready to paint and bringing/picking up DGS#9 from his tests. Wednesday was spent working on Studio and electricity problems. Thursday will be spent on road bringing people here and there. Sewing will be done too (I hope!) I will pick up tablecloths and interfacing too.
Later Gators! I am pooped.

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