Sunday, August 20, 2017

Design Wall - Plans

   To be quite honest I doubt that much will be accomplished in studio this week with me subbing.  In fact, probably not much forvthe next 6 weeks! It will take a couple of weeks at least to establish a regiment for DH and I. 
Monday: After school, we have bowling.
Tuesday: Lessons, cooking, and cleaning.
Wednesday: DGS#9 is coming to move things in studio so he can finish painting floor. Since last part is in front of door, I will have to stay out of studio while floor drys/cures.
Thursday: Lessons, cooking, and cleaning.
Friday: Time with DH. Evaluate week of subbing; lesson planning.
Saturday: Sewing!
Sunday: Church w/serving; lesson planning
Back & center needed
TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - continue working on center block.
TMG 2) Studio  - curing/drying time for last part of floor. Move cutting table into room.
3)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Rip, rip, repeat then sew second red side row together. Add first row to project.
4) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks - cut parts.
Waiting to be completed
Muddy Leaves
5) Bindings - Dee's wall handing with special hanging sleeves and Muddy Leaves. All will be machine bound. 
Well, as they say you can dream and plan all day but at some time you have to start executing.

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