Saturday, August 5, 2017

Progress Report

1) Studiomoved stuff from unpainted side to painted side but kept the side area clear so I can sew, cut, and iron. Mopped second half of floor and got it ready for painting. Set up radio, two small design walls, sewing stations, and temporary ironing station and cutting/Go! area.
2) School - Chris' & Spirit's supplies bought.  I am still not in the mood to shop for clothes.
3)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - Neither LQS or JoAnn's in Lafayette had the fabrics I wanted. But I did find other pieces that should work. I ordered some fabric - blue with pink ribbon. I think it will do better than pink/black paisley. So this project is on hold until that fabric comes in. 
4)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Completed row of neutral quarter square triangles and added it to main piece. Now working on red quarter square triangles. I set up temporary station for Go! and cut more parts. I sewed quarter square triangles on my vintage 1909 Universal straight stitch. It is so quiet and has such a beautiful stitch. A JOY to piece on!
   I bought a motorcycle panel and matching fabric for backing along with paisley for sashing. (4 yards)  Addie showed me 2 pieces of Halloween fabric and they came home with me.(2 yards) I ordered 3 yards of blue breast cancer fabric which will come in next week. Guess I need to finish a project or 2! 
  I finally went to doctor on Friday. The blob in my nether area started bleeding and hurting on Wednesday evening. By Thursday noon, I couldn't sit, walk, or stand without piercing pain. 
  The good news was that it was draining. The bad news was that I am allergic to pain meds. So doc gave me stronger antibiotic and new type of pain med. If it is not better or gone by Monday, I am to go back for lancing
  It took all of Friday Afternoon to get meds. The combination of constant movement, pain, and meds made me sick as a dog all over the bathroom. Good news was that the blob burst relieving the pain. Bad news was messy & bloody clean-up. Best news is that second round of meds let me sleep pain free all night and blob was smaller this morning. The antibiotic/pain med combination is still making me sick to my stomach, but  working! Hopefully they will continue working and NO re-visit Monday. 
L ator Gstor!

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