Wednesday, August 2, 2017

TMG - Two Monthly Goals

    To be honest, I actually have 2 monthly goals instead of 1. 

 Goal 1 is to finish the "Save the Ta-Tas" t-shirt flimsy so that I can get it quilted. To complete this goal, the following has to happen:
  a) Decision made about the size of the quilt. To make it bigger I need to cut more t-shirts (non breast cancer) . I am leaning towards large lap size which would also make a great wall hanging. 3 by 3 with sashing and border. Not too big but not too small!
  b) Decision made about fabric for sashing and border.  Do we go with traditional "Breast Cancer" fabric or with motorcycles since event is put on by various motorcycle clubs? 
  c) Buy sashing fabric and make flimsy.
  d) Decision about backing needs to be made and back constructed. It will be a motorcycle panel and scrappy. This may be where traditional fabric comes to play.
   Goal 2 is not a sewing goal but super important for sewing to get done in a timely manner. I want to be completely moved into my studio by September 1st. For this goal to be achieved:
To this!
From this
 a) The floor has to be completely cleared, cleaned, and painted. 

   b) The machine areas, cutting and ironing stations have to be set up. Second station needs To be moved to left side of my station so i can sew two projects.
My main area
Second area
   c) The flannel tableclothes need to pinned to various walls as design areas.

 d) The bins of tools, patterns, and fabric have to be gone thru. Tools put in their places and fabric/scraps sorted.
   e) The baseboards have to be put in place.
   f) The office area has to be cleared and cleaned.  Walls fixed and fabric bookcases placed in it. 
   Hopefully, I will be able to achieve both goals by September 1st. It is doable but who knows what life will bring.
Lator Gators! I am off to work on clearing and cleaning floor area that needs painting. Wish me luck!
 Thank you for reading to the end. I write this blog as a journal for myself and share it to keep myself honest. Thank you for commenting. Your comments help me stay on track and not get bogged down in the small stuff which I tend to do. 


  1. The floor is really going to look nice! I gave up on painting my floor, just putting down cheap rugs! You are going to love the studio when it's finished and you no longer have to HUNT things down.

  2. We are leaving this Friday for a week in North Carolina. When we get back, do you need for me to come to help?