Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wondering on a bright Tuesday Morning

Outside my window... steamy weather. Evaporation level is high as is humidity.
I am listening to... sounds of silence.
One of my favorite things... sitting silently with my early morning coffee reading blogs. 
One of my least favorite things... taking meds. My body tends to reject most meds especially pain meds so it takes super long for the meds to work. I am not a patient person so I want them to work almost immediately.
I am missing... Spirit's computer clicking. She is at her dad's getting things for school.
I am planning... to learn how to do pilots today.
I am trying to remember... which bin my templates were placed.
I need... the fabric for "Save the TaTas" (STT) to arrive so I can get the flimsy made.
I am wondering... when the blob will respond positively to the meds and go away.
I am thinking... life is good! I have all I need and if I really want something I have the means to get it.
I am super thankful... for DGS#9 and all he does for me. I wouldn't be in studio w/o him.
I am sewing on... several projects at one time. STT has priority - Phaff. BH Leader/Ender is my neutral and red for the month - 1909 Universal. Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt is on the BabyLock. There are 3 or 4 other projects that need finishing  - a wedding quilt, a wedding signature wall hanging, and 2 to be quilted table runners. Good thing, as soon as the studio floor dries, I have 4 more vintage machines I can set up! LOL
I am deciding... where to set up cutting table. 
Should I... sew or sit and read blogs?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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