Thursday, August 10, 2017

Progress week of August7-12

TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - fabric for sashing came in and I love it! I have cut sashing at 2 1/2" to finish at 2". Now I need to move big ironing board to studio so I can get t-shirt blocks securely ironed.
TMG 2) Studio - DGS#9 painted sashings for me. Floor is ready for painting. Rain has to stop. I need the floor done!
3) Guild meetings- DONE! I made KS Guild meeting. We were treated to review of Challenge projects and Retreat finishes.
4) Fabric - Still pondering on what to make with paisley and Halloween fabrics. I started making slabs from a box of small scraps.
5)   BH 2016/17 Leader/Ender project: More squares and twoies ironed. Cut and sewed more parts. Now need to trim blocks and sew halves into blocks. Then repeat cutting, sewing, and ironing making more blocks. When I have 30 of these  blocks, I will make a side.
  To be honest, I'm ready for the new BH 2017/18 Leader/Ender project. It is fence rail with one rail as half square triangles.
6) Doctor Appointments - DONE! DH got more steroids to he)p with swelling. It seems to be working since the Moore went down and it isnt hurting as much. His pace maker has been deemed healthy and good for 4-5 more years.
  My meds are working somewhat. The blob is getting smaller and draining it has not disappeared yet. If it is not better/gone by Monday, i will go back to my doctor. At least I have stopped throwing up. That in its self is s blessing!
7) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks - nothing accomplished.  

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