Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday Morning Wonderings 9/28/17

Outside my window... CHICKENS! My neighbor not only doesn't believe in the lease law for HIS dogs but also thinks that it is ok for his chickens to free range all over the neighborhood. 
I am listening to... cars passing rapidly down our road - a rarity!
One of my favorite things... playing with Marie, DGGD#1. DH got her a little school girl dress that he just had to bring to her right away. 
One of my least favorite things... being a taxi for people who won't fix their own car not because the repair is expensive but because insurance and gas is too high. 
I am missing... not a thing except those templates And directions!
I am planning... on working on clearing the junk table in the Studio so I will have room for my new-to-me sewing table. DD#1 gave me two sets of bottom desk drawers and I bought a solid core door for the top. DGS#9 will paint the door for me this weekend so next week I need to be ready to place the pieces!
I am trying to remember... where I  put DGD #4's fabrics - royal blue, gold, lime green, & Saints print.
I need... to finish the Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt and make my design wall. 
I am wondering... how long it will take the lawyer to locate DH's adopted son so things can get straight!
I am thinking... life is good! I have all I need and if I really want something I have the means to get it.
I am super thankful... for my sweet husband.
I am sewing on... BBSWQ and BH's Leader/Ender quarter square triangles in red.. 
I am deciding... on a pattern for the graduation quilts.
Should I...  sit and read blogs or go clear that junk table?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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