Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fabric Needed

  After adding the top and bottom rows to BBSWQ, I  realized I had to add the side rows for it to look balanced. So I picked up more blue batiks to make the 8 blocks i will need. Black for the background was also needed. 
  My white on white standard for BH's Leader/Ender project is also gone as there is only a 2" strip left. Unless there is more hiding in the bins, I will have to get more to finish BH's Leader/Ender once I know how many more pieces I have to cut. More fabric to be counted IN when I replenish.
   BBSWQ and BH's Leader/Ender are so close to being finished that I have started thinking about my next set of projects.  These need to be started by December 1st. I need two Graduation quilts - one in burgundy, silver, & black and one in lime greens, royal blue, and Saints fabric.    First, I need to pick a pattern for each. That is the hard part! The KS BOM was going to be the lime, blue, and Saints, but I  still haven't found my templates or the first month's directions. So that search goes on! 
  Now I am thinking about a Elinor Burns' Roundabout Stars pattern for the lime, blue, and Saints quilt. It is 6.5" squares, 4 patches, half square triangles, and triangle in a square blocks. I had DD#1 order the die that I would need to make the star points. I think I can do it especially if I get my design wall done! As for Chris' quilt, t-shirt in the middle surrounded by black, burgundy, and silver blocks. 
  I am thinking hard about using Midnight Quilter's All Roads pattern around the tshirt with black as background and silver & burgundy as points or burgundy as background with silver and black as points. 
  The other pattern I am considering is Missouri Quilt Company's Two Step.  Either way these graduation quilts will be simple piecing since they have to be ready for March 15th so DD#1 can quilt them for May 1st. One will be the Leader/Ender for the other. 

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